Jericho Singers at the South Bank

South Bank Show

Jericho Singers joined around 10 other choirs from across the country for a performance of the award winning 'Events' play by David Grieg on the Queen Elizabeth Hall stage at the South bank. The event was hugely enjoyable and what a sound! We really enjoyed being part of it. We had a fantastic day at the Chorus festival before the performance, warming up with other choirs and performing some of our favourite repertoire on the Nelson Mandela stage. Many people who came to hear us commented on the lovely blend of voices. Thanks to everyone who in the team who participated.

A note from the Director

"When David Greig and I turned to each other in the middle of a choir rehearsal in an Oslo school hall two and a half years ago and said to each other, what we need is a choir, little did I think we'd end up experiencing anything like what happened on Saturday night. You were so moving in your committment, passion and grace, I felt the hall well up with hard-won generosity and that most elusive of qualities, harmony. For the which, many thanks.”

And John Brown the composer:

"And please pass on my huge congratulations and deep thanks to all the choirs. I managed to talk to a few, shake hands with most but really I wanted to embrace every single one of them. Their commitment, preparation, their humanity and ultimate excellence in performance was profoundly affecting and deeply moving. It was a real pleasure to work with them and hear them truly become one powerful voice. And their musical directors need a special mention - they are a bunch of immensely talented and dedicated individuals and I salute them all.”

The Events

The Events

The Events