New autumn Term - Welcome back!

'Rivers Run' performed by Jericho Singers featuring the Oxford Canal at Jericho, created during  lockdown summer of 2020.

"Being a choir director these days means learning many skills you never knew you'd be able to get your head around. Now I'm an amateur video maker as well as recording engineer and streaming expert. A big shout out to all the choir leaders who are making it happen despite not much going their way, the journey contines. Hope you enjoy this is took ages to make but it's very rewarding to watch now its complete. Thanks Jericho Singers for being an amazing, positive bunch and for your lovely voices and spirits!."


Thanks for watching

My Virtual Jericho 'Lean on Me'

Join Steph and the Jericho Singers on Wednesday the 10th June online to learn 'Lean on Me' by Bill Withers.
In this Zoom sing-a-long she'll teach you how to sing it with some simple harmonies that you can practice at home.

Jericho Singers virtual choirs!

Monday and Wednesdays choirs are participating in our virtual choir experiment... Steph says "I’ve run 4 rehearsals already this week and I am beginning to work out what works, I’ve had encouraging messages from people who have participated so far!"

Jericho Singers Monday Alto online rehearsal!

An evening with Kathy Bullock

Dr. Bullock’s research in African and African-American music and culture and the African diaspora has afforded her the opportunity to provide presentations including Singing in the Spirit, African-American Sacred Music and African-American and Appalachian Musical Connections.