Jericho Singers Tour Newcastle/Edinburgh 2018!

On the 28th June some of our singers set off for a weekend tour up north.
We sang in some lovely locations and had a great time.

Well done to all!

Singing at the beautiful Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle

What larks! More to follow.

Jericho Street Fair 2018!

Many thanks to our lovely singers!

Both Monday and Wednesday choirs hooked up for the sunshine!



Open Mic Nite 2018 at the Tap Social!

What a night we had!

Our annual Open Mic Nite was a huge success.

Hugs and thank-you's to all our lovely singers... you put on a great show!

This year we featured all three/four choirs as well as some superb solo performances from new and not so new.

Matt, Genny, Steve and Ray...

Dragon Choir...

Wednesday Choir...

Jackdaw Songbirds Hookup

A wonderful day of singing eating and drinking with our new friends from Frome in the Jackdaw Songbirds Choir.
Thanks to all our singers who made it a very special event.

We learned some songs together and had a lot of fun connecting our two communities.


More photos in the gallery... some video to come.

Summer Term 2018!

Hello Singers...

Term starts Mon 9th April, lots happening this term...

Frome Choir hookup (Songbirds), Open Mic Nite, Jericho Street Fair, Newcastle Tour, street singing and more!

Rounding off with our annual boat trip... phew!

Jericho Singers at Ewelme Church


Jericho Singers performing at their very best in the beautiful setting of Ewelme Church on Friday the 9th of March.

We were very lucky to be able to feature top Jazz pianist Tim Lapthorn thorughout the evening.
Best moment? Everyone standing and clapping to the gospel numbers!

Albert Hera workshop

We were lucky to have the amazing Albert Hera at St Barnabas for two workshop sessions...

We were blown away by his infectious enthusiasm and inspiration.

Thanks to Hannah for the translation of his remarkable ethos into singing!

More to follow...

More photos in the gallery!